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File income tax return on time! Managing income tax can be a hassle for sole traders or self-employed people. Our income tax return filing service can help you with the income tax filing process. Save your time and money by letting us manage your tax.

File income tax return on time! Our income tax return service can help you with the tax filing process. 


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Service Features

Octa Accountants take care of your books and accounts – with personalised tax advice. You do not have to worry about managing the taxes and focus on what you do best. Here’s how we help:

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Digital Bookkeeping

We use the latest accounting softwares (e.g., Xero, QuickBooks, etc.) to update your books and accounts.

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Record Income & Receipts

A dedicated accountant keeps a record of your transactions and income for self-assessment tax.

IRAS Compliance

File Tax Return To IRAS

Your tax is timely filed to IRAS without any delays or mishaps – while you do your work.

File self assessment tax return - advice & consultancy

Tax Advice & Consultancy

Our tax experts provide tax advice and consultancy for clients, via call and email.

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Claim Tax Relief

We ensure you pay the right tax and help you claim appropriate expenses or tax reliefs if possible.

What is Income Tax Return?

Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) utilises the income tax return system to collect income tax. The income tax return is a process to calculate an owed or refundable tax amount from your declared earnings. You can find out if you need to pay or reclaim tax once you file your income. This service is for:

  • First-time filers
  • Self-employed
  • Freelancers & contractors
  • Construction workers (CIS)
  • Landlords 
  • Investors (property dealers, crypto miners/buyers, forex traders, etc.)
  • Expats
  • Couriers, drivers, or riders
  • People who need tax relief/refund claims
  • People with high income (S$ 170K+)

Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) utilises the income tax return system to collect income tax. The income tax return is a process to calculate an owed or refundable tax amount from your declared earnings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of frequently asked questions about income tax from our web visitors.

Who has to file income tax?

You're liable for filing tax in Singapore if:

  • Total income is more than S$ 22,000
  • Self-employed (Sole trader & earned over
  • Partner in a business partnership
  • Received rent or tips/commissions
  • Generated income from investments, savings, and dividends
  • Obtained foreign income

How to apply for a income tax return?

You can apply for a self-assessment tax return if you are self-employed or receive income from other sources like rent or investment, etc. So here’s how to do a self-assessment tax return in the UK online:

- Visit iras.gov.sg’s website

- Register for e-filing (if you are a first-time filer)

- Sign in to file a income tax return

- Complete the income tax filing form

What are the requirements for filing an income tax?

When you are filing a tax return, you will need your unique Taxpayer ID, and invoices that present your income & expenses. 

It is quite tiresome to work if you manage things yourself, but you can avoid this hassle with Octa Accountants. A dedicated accountant handles your receipts, invoices, and essential documents digitally - and applies for tax returns on your behalf.

What is the cost of tax filing service in Singapore?

Doing tax filing yourself can be overwhelming, and you may miss a thing or two if you would try to fill it all by yourself. So it is better to hire an expert accountant to do the job to avoid mess ups. 

Different accountants or firms would charge you differently, so it is better to get the rates from others and decide the best option. You can request a free quote from us to get the best income tax filing service rates in Singapore.

Common mistakes to avoid during tax filing

Many people try to register for tax returns by themselves and end up making a lot of mistakes. You may think of saving your money, but in reality, you would be wasting your time and effort that you can use on other things. 


Here are some common mistakes that people make while filing a tax return:


  • Missing deadlines
  • Mentioning incorrect figures
  • Trying to claim the wrong expenses
  • Forgetting to declare salary and benefits from other jobs
  • Improper records
  • Entering the wrong tax code

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